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Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Sports Betting Success

No matter if you start betting on sports for fun or with strict intentions of making money, the question “how can I make more” will pop in your head sooner or later. Can you actually increase the odds, figuratively, in your favor?

Yes. Is it easy to do? Not really.

There are several steps you can follow and apply in order to make more cash, get better at betting and enjoy it more.

The first step is to get started. Register to an online sports betting website. Vulkan bookmaker only requires basic information and the whole process takes less than a minute. It is linked because choosing a safe website is very important to your success, as getting scammed and having money stuck online is the worst type of loss you can have.

Educate Yourself

Reading sports magazines and up to date articles may help a lot. Big transfers happen throughout the transfer period and not knowing that one team got noticeable weaker or stronger might cost you money.
It is surprising how many betting options exist out there. Win, draw or lose at the end are not the only three outcomes or elements you can bet on. Double chances, goals, yellow or red cards, corners, free kicks, exact results and many more are sometimes much more interesting and profitable most of the time.
All teams and players have strong social media presence so following them and reading their tweets and posts can make a huge difference. Also talk to other bettors and fans on forums or social media, as there is always something new to learn. A piece of advice from an older and more experienced bettor is priceless.

Use a Strategy

Strategies are mathematically calculated procedures one takes in order to increase chances of winning. They were proven to work and even though experimenting is fun, it may cost you a lot of cash.

Some of the most popular betting strategies are:

The Martingale system – Probably the most simple one, but very efficient. It instructs to double the stake after each loss. It is extremely to apply to casino games, but can be done with sports betting as well. Casino games have odds, just like bookmakers. Make sure that each double down makes you profitable in case you win.

Matched Betting – Is more of a technique than a strategy, as it completely changes the way you bet. Bettors describe it as a legal way of “abusing” the odds. If one bookie has a 2.10 odd on 0-2 goals while the other one offers 2.05 for 3+ goals, betting equal amounts of cash on both in those two bookies guarantees a win. That is a very simple example, but the whole technique is quite complex and takes time to study. So its always good to know how to be a bookie.

Applying a strategy turns fun betting into some sort of business but if you want to improve the wins to losses ratio, it is necessary. Once you keep grinding and being cash flow positive, the whole process becomes even more fun.
Keep in mind that strategies require higher budgets in order to execute and even though the risk goes down, it is never a 100% guarantee that you are going to win. Also note that bookies are fighting against those who abuse the system, especially by using matched betting and, if not careful enough, it might result in a banned account and you do not want that to happen with cash inside their system.

Invest Money Wisely

Even though they say that it is the best if you forget about the invested money, as it might never come back, do not look at it as an expense but rather as an investment that might get no return. The golden rule is to set the amount that you feel comfortable with losing. That way, even if everything goes wrong, you are not going bankrupt nor it is affecting your lifestyle.

If your budget is $1,000 invest 1 or 2% at the time, and increase the percentage a little bit if you are on a lower budget. That way you are able to make 20 to 100 well sized bets even if all of them go wrong, and they most likely won’t. It is also reducing the stress and anxiety if the match is not going the way you expected.
Even if you find an odd that sounds too good to be true, resist the temptation and do not try to double the entire bankroll by going all in. The goal here is to build it up slowly by betting low percentages and applying strategies. It is much better to stay at neutral balance for longer periods of time rather than going very negative quickly.



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