Since the recent advancements in gaming, the casino industry has been growing rapidly. In fact, because of how popular and lucrative the online gambling industry is, hundreds of new online casinos pop up every day.

Many of these casinos offer amazing welcome bonuses such as freebies, higher chances of hitting your winnings, cashback offers and much more. These online casinos also advertise lucrative amounts of money that can potentially be won. Such as jackpots up to $7,777,777.

However, there are some online casinos that are dubious in nature. If you are new to the online casino world, you might not know which one to choose, which ones are legit and offer real benefits. So to avoid picking a money sink cleverly disguised as a casino, you should read through reviews to find a highly rated casino like this one, as well as following the tips in this article.

Bad slot games

Many people do not actually understand how a slot game really works. They assume it is a simple process of putting your money in, pulling the lever and waiting for luck to be on their side. But, it is actually more complex than that.

Slot machine win rates are calculated through two features. RTP and RNG, which are ‘return to player’ rates and ‘random number generation’ respectively. RTP is the percent chance of a player’s winnings returning to them, or if they get a bigger return. It is heavily affected by a random number generator, which is a mix of both complex mathematical equations and luck.

If a casino has slot games with an extremely low RTP, that means that when you do win, you would not be getting much, so you will essentially just be giving money away. These kinds of slot machines are notoriously termed “the One Armed Bandit” in the industry.

Impossible wagering requirements

No matter how lucrative a welcome bonus may seem, or how much money an online casino is advertising to be given away, you must always be on your toes. Keep the wagering requirements in mind. If they are impossible to reach, then there really is no point in playing.

On the flip side, wagering requirements that are too good to be true are also equally dangerous as there is always a hidden catch. These wagering requirements are put there to attract you to spend your money.

Thus, wagering requirements that are either too high, or too low are usually scams designed to sink your money with no intent of return, making it a highly unfair system. In any cases, you must avoid casinos that have these kinds of impossible requirements, or those that are too good to be true for their welcome bonuses.

Choosing a casino with no verifiable history

The one thing that you should definitely always do when choosing an online casino is to check and see if it has a license. Even more importantly, always read reviews about the online casino before you decide to top up cash.

If there are no licenses, negative reviews or a lack of any reviews, you should steer clear of these online casinos as verifiable history is crucial in not only keeping your money safe, but guaranteeing yourself a good chance of winnings.

More often than not, online casinos such as these are scams, you would have no way of knowing how trustworthy they are, what their services offer, or if they will pay.

A casino that only focuses on games of chance

An online casino that only focuses on games of pure chance should definitely be avoided. Usually systems such as these are rigged, and do not offer you a real way to win money. Instead, these games are designed to make you lose out on more money the longer you play.

Certain games such as a live roulette might be okay, but more often than not, anything digital based with an RNG system will usually be in the favor of the house.

Instead, games of skill such as Texas Hold Em Poker and Blackjack are better for making money because your skills heavily affect the outcome. The better you are at playing, the higher your percent chance of winning big. So, if you stumble upon a casino that does not include games of skills, you should avoid these places at all cost.

Article Source: ottawalife.com

How to deposit and withdraw from casino

Whether you’re playing online casino games for fun or real money, getting huge wins and withdrawing the winnings is always exciting. However, for a player to get a chance for winning, they have to play real money games. To do so, they need to fund their accounts by depositing cash into them. When making your first deposit, players can enjoy offers like deposit five and play with 10.

In physical casinos, players need to enter the casino and exchange cash for chips and chips for money. Their only security is learning when to walk away from the booth. It is different from an online casino like https://rocketplay1.com where making deposits and withdrawals require several procedures.


It might be surprising to new players but funding an online casino account via deposits is not a complicated process. Deposits are mostly processed instantly. It is vital to consider the currency the casino accepts during registration. It prevents the player from incurring any additional fees from converting their currency. It is also essential to go through the banking methods an online casino accepts.

Most reputable gaming websites provide a wide variety of banking methods that gamers can fund their accounts with. The methods mostly vary from one site to another. The casinos offer many options to give their members a chance to pick a technique they trust and one that is accessible in their country.


Withdrawing money from an online casino is also a simple process. The only problem is most casinos don’t process withdrawals instantly. After requesting a withdrawal, some primary verification might be needed for the site to complete the process. Verification ensures that the withdrawn cash doesn’t go to the wrong hands and is a great way to prevent money laundering, identity theft and other malicious activities.

Some of the documents that the casino might ask include a clear photo or a copy of scanned documents to verify the address, identity, and banking information. They are a bank account statement, ID card/passport/driver’s license or a utility bill. The casino might request a player to send the document via fax or email.

What are the payment options available for deposits and withdrawals?

In most cases, the payment options used for deposits are similar to the ones used for withdrawals. Gaming sites pick their payment methods from a list of strategies that players find convenient. Some sites encourage using specific payment methods by offering generous bonuses to players who use these methods. Some of the standard payment methods in online casinos include Debit and credit cards, prepaid cards/virtual debit cards, e-wallets like PayPal, Bank transfer, and more.

Apart from these mentioned methods, there are online casinos that accept mobile payments and cryptocurrencies. It is essential to read the T&Cs of every payment method because they vary from one option to another. Some take longer to process withdrawals than others. For instance, payments are faster when a player uses e-wallets compared to bank transfer. Ensure that the method you choose is convenient for you.

Article Source: ottawalife.com

Any party can be a casino inspired affair with just a little planning and preparation. If you love Vegas then you’ll love a casino party and the best thing about them is they can be used for anything from a birthday to a Stag and Doe to a bachelor blow out. They bring people together, they’re a lot of fun and best of all they are easy to execute, all you need is a plan.

Ideally a casino party needs to be held in a large room to accommodate the many table games that you will need and to give ample room to those who will be going from table to table to play the games. Not sure what games to include? No problem, since the people you rent the necessary equipment from will know exactly what to do.

Some people set up a casino style party to make money. Either there is an admission fee which gets turned into chips to play with or you can play games with chips that you buy as needed. Some benefits are set up this way and it’s a great way to have fun with a Stag and Doe party while earning money for the wedding. If there is an admission fee, be sure to give guests something when they win. These gifts can be more chips, a small present or have each guest chart their progress on a board with a grand prize winner at the end of the night.

What goes well with a casino themed party? Why food of course. While Vegas is known for its casinos, it’s also know for the food and plenty of it. Here’s where food machines come in. Guests can grab a hot dog, nachos, ice cream and all sorts of other things as they go from table to table. Best of all, these machines don’t need a lot of supervision so the hosts aren’t chained to the food area all night long. For even more opulence you can have people going around with drinks or have a bar set up for guests to refresh and enjoy.

Bringing a little Vegas to the everyday is an easy thing to do, if you know the right people. It’s sure to bring the fun with it and your next party will be the talk of the town, office or school. Grab those chips and head to a table, you’re on a roll!

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