Any party can be a casino inspired affair with just a little planning and preparation. If you love Vegas then you’ll love a casino party and the best thing about them is they can be used for anything from a birthday to a Stag and Doe to a bachelor blow out. They bring people together, they’re a lot of fun and best of all they are easy to execute, all you need is a plan.

Ideally a casino party needs to be held in a large room to accommodate the many table games that you will need and to give ample room to those who will be going from table to table to play the games. Not sure what games to include? No problem, since the people you rent the necessary equipment from will know exactly what to do.

Some people set up a casino style party to make money. Either there is an admission fee which gets turned into chips to play with or you can play games with chips that you buy as needed. Some benefits are set up this way and it’s a great way to have fun with a Stag and Doe party while earning money for the wedding. If there is an admission fee, be sure to give guests something when they win. These gifts can be more chips, a small present or have each guest chart their progress on a board with a grand prize winner at the end of the night.

What goes well with a casino themed party? Why food of course. While Vegas is known for its casinos, it’s also know for the food and plenty of it. Here’s where food machines come in. Guests can grab a hot dog, nachos, ice cream and all sorts of other things as they go from table to table. Best of all, these machines don’t need a lot of supervision so the hosts aren’t chained to the food area all night long. For even more opulence you can have people going around with drinks or have a bar set up for guests to refresh and enjoy.

Bringing a little Vegas to the everyday is an easy thing to do, if you know the right people. It’s sure to bring the fun with it and your next party will be the talk of the town, office or school. Grab those chips and head to a table, you’re on a roll!

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