It was believed that after the introduction of video games, casinos would slowly go into extinction. And for a while, it looked like video games continued to evolve while casinos stayed the same without improvements.

However, casinos have made a positive turnaround in the last decade. Online casinos came up with new technologies that worked and gained attention from the industry, which followed suit at once.  And until date, gaming sites like the Gossip slots, alongside several “brick and mortar” casinos, continue to grow in popularity and attract new players every year.

What modern technologies are been used by these casinos?

Technologies used by casinos in recent times that have successfully helped promote the casino business include;

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (AR and VR)

VR headsets can be used to gamble at home as if one is physically present in the casino, as users can see cards, slots, dealers, and other players in the digital world. This immersive experience continues to improve and, players can enjoy a realistic experience even though they are gambling from their homes.

Augmented Reality allows players to use objects from the real world in the digital world. And players can interact with cards in the game of their choice.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology has come to guarantee financial security for casino users. The gambling platform is now more transparent, and players are confident they would get paid in full without any form of manipulation, especially from cybercriminals.

Players can withdraw funds in cryptocurrencies, and these alternatives have drawn the attention of people who prefer to trade in crypto, as it is a more preferred option for them.

Smart camera security and facial recognition

Technology has not just been used to improve the player experience, but it is also used to ensure their protection. The use of smart camera security and facial recognition is to prevent scammers from compromising casinos to steal profits. With these scanners, casinos can recognize persons that have been banned from the casino premises. And also monitor cars parked on the premises to prevent theft.

Wearable Device Support

Wearable devices are similar to smartwatches and have become very popular over the years. Many casinos are seeking means to support these devices since they are now widely used. However, it is not clear how these devices can be fully utilized to ensure the continuous growth of casinos and protect the player’s interest.

Chip Security

Chips happened to be one of the main targets of fraud and theft in casinos. They were stolen, faked, and copied to defraud unsuspecting victims. But in recent times, casinos have employed the use of Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID) to track chips in the casino by their unique models, making it more difficult to steal, copy or use fake chips to play.

Cashless Payments

Cashless playing has been introduced into casinos. And some games can be accessed by players online or offline for free. There are also options offered to players to deposit money into cashless payment accounts ahead of their visits to the casino, so they can play with such sums of money. Some other casinos hand out cards with credits on them to players to use for their games.

Digital currencies are another alternative by which players are allowed to play games unhindered. And where this is used, casinos guarantee security if users on their blockchain networks.


The use of these modern technologies is no doubt a contributing factor to the sustenance of casinos. It is applaudable that you can search for casinos near you on the internet and find modern casinos using these technologies to give you the satisfaction you crave.

The casino industry has been highly influenced by these modern technologies. And optimism remains that there is more in stock for the future of gambling with these modern technologies.