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Many people thought that casino games might go out of style once video games were introduced. It seemed that video games developed quickly and evolved into something special, while the whole casino industry stayed the same for a long time.

However, in the last decade, the casino industry has turned the whole situation around. It started with online casinos that developed new technologies, which achieved excellent results, and the whole industry followed.

That’s why online gaming sites, such as Gossip Slots, as well as many “brick and mortar” casinos, are growing in popularity once again, with more players joining in each year. So let’s see which technologies these modern casinos have to offer.

Mobile Concierge Apps

Any kind of business can benefit from having an app. Still, there are some types of organizations that can benefit more than others. When it comes to concierge apps, they were first really popular for hotels and similar establishments.

Since casinos are often related to the hospitality industry, because they are built within a hotel and it makes sense to use these apps. Exclusive casinos let their guest use the app on their smartphone to ask for various services, get reception, order something, or get some form of assistance.

People today are used to doing many things on their phones, so it’s an excellent way to help the casino staff better serve all their guests much faster.

Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual Reality has already entered many casinos. With a VR headset, players can gamble at home while feeling like they are in a real casino. They can see the table, cards, slots, other players, and dealers in the digital world.

This VR technology enables an immersive experience. With graphics and animation improving each year, players can expect a realistic gambling experience from home. On the other hand, there’s already a plan to implement augmented reality into casinos.

AR lets players use and place objects from the real world into the digital environment. It allows them to interact with objects in the game, like moving cards with their hands.

Smart Camera Security and Facial Recognition

Casinos don’t use technology to provide a better experience to players but also to protect them. Security is important in any industry and especially in the casino industry. There are a lot of people trying to scam casinos and steal their profits.

Casinos must protect their bottom line to succeed. Facial recognition is one of the latest additions to their security systems. These scanners can recognize people who have been banned from the premises and identify people who aren’t desired on the floor.

Using smart cameras, casinos also keep track of cars and their licenses when they park. That’s how they can track stolen cars and give relevant information to authorities in case of theft.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Blockchain has entered the casinos to improve transactions and security. First of all, blockchain helps players because it guarantees that the gambling platform is safe and transparent. At the same time, it guarantees that they will get paid out in full amount without any issues.

There’s no way for someone to interrupt their transaction and take their money. Blockchain is known for its safety, and cybercriminals cannot manipulate transactions in any way. At the same time, players can now withdraw and deposit cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

These options have made casinos more appealing to people who trade crypto. It also shows that casinos are willing to put in the effort for their players and offer utmost convenience.

Chip Security

One of the biggest targets of fraud and theft in casinos were chips. People stole chips, brought in fake ones, and copied them as well. At the same time, players could also fall victim to pickpockets for their chips as well.

Casinos today use Radio Frequency Identification technology, also called RFID. With this tech, they can automatically track all of the chips in the casino by their unique labels, making it difficult to steal, use fake chips, or copy them in any way.

Even if the chips are stolen, the casino can track the chips that were stolen and simply deactivate them. The chips would then be worth nothing.

Cashless Payments

Many casinos have introduced different kinds of solutions for cashless playing. First of all, there are some games that can be played completely for free, both online and offline, such as free slot tournaments. On the other hand, some casinos let players open up their own cashless payment accounts.

They can deposit money onto the account before going to the casino and simply use that money to play. On the other hand, some casinos give out cards with credits that players can use and pay for after they’ve had their fun.

We also mentioned blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Some casinos let people play for these digital currencies and guarantee utmost security with their blockchain networks.

Wearable Device Support

Wearable devices, similar to smart watches, have gotten really big in the past couple of years. It makes sense that the casinos are looking to offer support for these devices as so many people now use them. Unfortunately, there still isn’t much information on how these devices will be supported and what their apps will do.

However, we guess that these apps will be similar to concierge apps that are commonly used on smartphones. They will have the same functions, just on wearable watches.


The fact that casinos have decided to adopt new technologies is probably what has kept them alive. Gambling games have been falling behind for years with nothing new to offer. The casinos using innovation to make their players more comfortable but also to improve gaming and the ones that will thrive.

An Internet search for “casinos near me” can bring up a list of casinos that are located within a two-hour drive of any major US city and many of them will be using the technologies mentioned in this article.

All of this has a great impact on the industry overall. It should be great to see what the future of gambling technology holds for both the industry and the public.