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3 Common Questions About Casino Party Rentals

There are 3 common questions asked about casino party rentals that I would like to answer for you. I believe you will find these to be very helpful before booking.

* Are casino party nights legal?

* How much does an event cost?

* How long are the games dealt?

Yes! Yes! Yes! In the United States most states it is perfectly legal to have a casino party night. Every state have minor stipulations as to what is allowed at these types of gatherings. But the majority of them have one BIG rule that must be obeyed. Absolutely no real currency is allowed to be exchanged on the gaming tables. Not even a lucky penny can be laid down on the felt. That also means that these mobile casino night businesses can not award prizes either. Like the top three players with the most fun/play chips could receive a gift or prize but the host of the party would be responsible to distribute it to make it legal. You pay the casino party rental company up front before the scheduled event and then any money or giveaways given at the end of the event would be given out by the host.

Some people like to tip the dealers. As long as the dealers are not tipped at the table it is legal. Some Las Vegas type businesses will allow a the dealers to receive tips but away from the gaming tables. Most common methods to tip a croupier is by check or credit card. You would meet up with who ever is providing you the gaming service and have them bill you the money desired to give to them. Tips are not a requirement, but they are very much appreciated.

The general statutes for any state can be found on or any major search engine. Here’s a link of North Carolinas laws. As you can see they very specific.

Every casino event varies in price because it depends on the type and the amount of gaming tables you want to have at your party. Also the distance it takes for the casino party night company to get to you. You will find that most Blackjack tables are around $300. Poker tables $200-$300. Carnival games are around $200-$350. Big 6 wheels range about $100-$150. Slot machines and decorations can vary between $200-$1,000 or more, depending on what you want to display. Roulette tables are about $450, give or take. Craps tables are between $750-$1,500. Prices vary on other factors but this gives you an idea of what to expect before booking a Monte Carlo Night.

And these prices are for a usual three hours of dealing games and one additional hour to set up and break down the equipment. A total of four hours. Most gaming businesses will charge additional time if needed. Believe me three hours goes by really fast cause it’s so much fun.

So there you have it. Hopefully this will help you understand how casino party rentals operate. It is probably in my opinion one of the coolest social gathering you and your guest will ever experience!



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