It was believed that after the introduction of video games, casinos would slowly go into extinction. And for a while, it looked like video games continued to evolve while casinos stayed the same without improvements.

However, casinos have made a positive turnaround in the last decade. Online casinos came up with new technologies that worked and gained attention from the industry, which followed suit at once.  And until date, gaming sites like the Gossip slots, alongside several “brick and mortar” casinos, continue to grow in popularity and attract new players every year.

What modern technologies are been used by these casinos?

Technologies used by casinos in recent times that have successfully helped promote the casino business include;

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (AR and VR)

VR headsets can be used to gamble at home as if one is physically present in the casino, as users can see cards, slots, dealers, and other players in the digital world. This immersive experience continues to improve and, players can enjoy a realistic experience even though they are gambling from their homes.

Augmented Reality allows players to use objects from the real world in the digital world. And players can interact with cards in the game of their choice.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology has come to guarantee financial security for casino users. The gambling platform is now more transparent, and players are confident they would get paid in full without any form of manipulation, especially from cybercriminals.

Players can withdraw funds in cryptocurrencies, and these alternatives have drawn the attention of people who prefer to trade in crypto, as it is a more preferred option for them.

Smart camera security and facial recognition

Technology has not just been used to improve the player experience, but it is also used to ensure their protection. The use of smart camera security and facial recognition is to prevent scammers from compromising casinos to steal profits. With these scanners, casinos can recognize persons that have been banned from the casino premises. And also monitor cars parked on the premises to prevent theft.

Wearable Device Support

Wearable devices are similar to smartwatches and have become very popular over the years. Many casinos are seeking means to support these devices since they are now widely used. However, it is not clear how these devices can be fully utilized to ensure the continuous growth of casinos and protect the player’s interest.

Chip Security

Chips happened to be one of the main targets of fraud and theft in casinos. They were stolen, faked, and copied to defraud unsuspecting victims. But in recent times, casinos have employed the use of Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID) to track chips in the casino by their unique models, making it more difficult to steal, copy or use fake chips to play.

Cashless Payments

Cashless playing has been introduced into casinos. And some games can be accessed by players online or offline for free. There are also options offered to players to deposit money into cashless payment accounts ahead of their visits to the casino, so they can play with such sums of money. Some other casinos hand out cards with credits on them to players to use for their games.

Digital currencies are another alternative by which players are allowed to play games unhindered. And where this is used, casinos guarantee security if users on their blockchain networks.


The use of these modern technologies is no doubt a contributing factor to the sustenance of casinos. It is applaudable that you can search for casinos near you on the internet and find modern casinos using these technologies to give you the satisfaction you crave.

The casino industry has been highly influenced by these modern technologies. And optimism remains that there is more in stock for the future of gambling with these modern technologies.

Choosing an online casino can be a daunting task, especially if you’re new to the gambling world. Before trusting any site with your hard-earned money and precious time, it’s important to do some thorough background check. If you are looking for a reliable online casino Malaysia, kindly visit Enjoy11 to find out more. Make sure the site is registered and licensed so you don’t end up blaming others for your own mistakes. Apart from confirming the credibility of the site, here are the other factors to consider when choosing the best online casino.

Online Security

We often hear the phrase, “security starts with you.” and think- this is just another Greek Philosophy. Well, security doesn’t only mean being free from physical danger or harm. Cybersecurity is the new sheriff in town that not only advocates for internet safety but also spread awareness on how to avoid online vulnerabilities. By sticking with the right online casino, you won’t have to worry about credit card thefts, spam emails and other forms of cyber-attacks. Example such as Enjoy11 online casino Singapore is one of the most trusted gambling sites in the market with tip top security.


Online gambling is never convenient if you can’t make deposits or withdrawals anytime you want to. It’s not worth it if you can’t play your favorite poker or video slot just because the site if a day down for maintenance. To avoid such imprecise incidents from eating into your precious time, invest in a reliable site that values you as a customer more than anything else.

Online Casino Bonus Features

Every gambler wants to win, regardless of the amount they have in stake. To ensure that the experience reciprocates well without hurting your hopes, a bonus feature is more of a necessity. This not only serves to encourage you to play more but also to bail you out of uncertainties, especially when you’re down but hesitant to spend the little you’re left with.

Customer Service

The work of customer service personnel is often underrated. Many people think that having a set of computers will always work for them regardless of the situations they are subjected to This is not always true, a form of human help is necessary once in a while, since machines are prone to errors, just like humans. A casino online site with enough of customer service personnel comes in handy when you have to do some timely transactions but the system starts acting up.

Payment Options Available

The worst thing that can happen after winning a jackpot is a situation where you cannot transact just because the type of debit card isn’t supported. Always make sure that the casino site you’ve registered with accepts a number of third-party banking options.


Before proceeding to pick the right casino site online, also check the reputation of the company. You don’t want to fall victim to some pyramid scheme just because they promised huge bonuses. Always go through some trusted online review sites and gauge the authenticity of the site before making up your mind. This doesn’t, however, mean you should be paranoid of the new players in the industry, just make sure not to trust blindly.

As far as choosing the best casino site is a concern, the above factors are enough to keep you safe and comfortable. Always shop the market for an online casino that prioritizes on customer satisfaction rather than their own selfish gains.

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Ever since it first appeared in 2009, Bitcoin has been gaining increasing attention from individuals and corporations all around the globe. Because of this, its value has grown exponentially, with the tendency to continue reaching new heights.

As cryptocurrency became more widely used, online casinos started joining the frenzy and enabling Bitcoin transactions. Today we’ll present five reasons why this fantastic payment method is unparalleled when it comes to depositing and withdrawing from online casinos.

  1. Privacy

Probably the biggest perk of using Bitcoin to deposit in an online casino is the privacy it grants. According to Jayson Peter from Casino USA, casinos that accept Bitcoin don’t require that you share any personal information to complete the transaction.

This is because cryptocurrency is a decentralized system that is subject to no jurisdiction of banks or governments. This way, you just need to supply your Bitcoin wallet’s address and approve the transaction without revealing your identity. This, in turn, means that you’re not sharing any sensitive personal information that could be misused or manipulated.

  1. Fast Deposits and Withdrawals

Not needing to fill out forms with personal information is also one reason why Bitcoin transactions are much faster and easier than other payment methods. Indeed, wire transfers and check payments, for instance, can sometimes take days to process.

Using Bitcoin takes these hurdles away, as all you need is a couple of mouse clicks, and the funds will be in your casino account within seconds. Besides, most casinos that approve Bitcoin deposits also enable withdrawals, which reduces transaction processing time from days and weeks to minutes.

  1. Low Fees

Most traditional payment methods charge a fee for each transaction you make in online casinos. This is because there is usually some kind of an intermediary between your bank account and the casino, especially when it comes to withdrawals.

With Bitcoin, which uses a decentralized system, there are no mediators in your transactions meaning there are usually no fees. However, since Bitcoin transactions are stored on a Blockchain database that keeps the whole system functioning smoothly, small maintenance fees are sometimes deducted from withdrawn amounts. They are usually so low that users practically don’t even notice.

  1. Safe and Secure

We’ve already mentioned that privacy is a significant advantage of using Bitcoin as a payment method because you don’t have to share any personal information with the online casino you’re depositing to. For this reason, Bitcoin is also a much more secure option since no sensitive data is getting exposed.

Furthermore, Bitcoin transactions are protected by state-of-the-art encryption that makes it virtually impossible for any unauthorized parties to access and exploit your information. Bitcoin is considered to be one of the safest online payment methods.

  1. Can Be Used By Everyone and Everywhere

Many avid gamblers are aware of the fact that online gambling is forbidden in a lot of countries worldwide. Governments prevent their citizens from playing by putting bans on bank transactions with online casino operators. This is where Bitcoin comes in.

Everyone owning a Bitcoin wallet can access it from anywhere in the world. Besides, online gambling restrictions have led to the emergence of questionable websites offering gambling services to residents from restricted areas, only to scam them.

The possibility of Bitcoin transactions gives players from banned areas a chance to play in a legitimate online casino with peace of mind.


Over the years, Bitcoin has become one of the most reliable transaction methods in online casinos. Offering unparalleled security and transfer speed, low fees, anonymity, and availability, it’s not difficult to see why.

With its popularity on the rise, we are bound to see many more casinos enabling this terrific payment method shortly. In the meantime, we will continue enjoying its perks wherever we can.

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Card games form the bread and butter of many kinds of casino products. The cards were practically invented for the lifestyle of a casino gambler. This signature 52-deck can be used in a variety of ways, each of them with the famous card suits known throughout gambling.

The spades, the clubs, the hearts and the diamonds all merge with the number 1-10 and the four members of royalty. What was once only used in real casinos can now be found in online casinos implemented in clever styles that let you use cards to play. Try them out in Canadian free slots and other places on the net. Here are some great examples of card games played in online casinos:


Poker is an incredible classic. It is one of the very first games that will come to mind when people talk about gambling. The aim of the game is to give players cards. The dealer will then deal a new set of cards on the table — whoever can gain the highest combination with their own hand or table hand combined wins.

This introduces dozens of combinations like Royal Flush or four of a kind. Poker can be played in a Live Casino or played in online poker rooms.


Blackjack is another classic and very popular due to how simple it is. Anyone can come and pick this game up at any time to begin their gambling journey. The objective is to try and aim for your hand to be equal to 21, or at the very least, closest to it.

You can keep collecting cards until you tell the dealer to stop. If your set of cards goes over 21, you bust and lose your winnings. Blackjack is an easy game to implement online and can be used in different variations. This makes them a great way to get into gambling and explore the more varied ways to win money.

Video Poker

This is an alteration of the famous card game that is more attuned to the online world. Video poker began getting big around the late ’80s to early ’90s. It became the first stepping stone towards virtual gameplay, allowing players to be able to see what online gambling will look like in the near future.

It plays the traditional five-card setup where players will be combining their own hand with that of five cards laid on the table. Video poker can be played against an AI, meaning it can be a single-player game now as well.


Baccarat is yet another classic that is similar to Blackjack. Only this time, the number needed is a lot smaller. The aim is to get to a total of nine or at least the closest to it as possible. At first glance, it may seem a bit more complicated.

But the simplicity remains the same. Players will only be given two cards. They must bet on whether they have a higher number to nine than the dealer. That is all there is to it. It is an easy game to implement online, which removes some of the superstitious elements from the gameplay.

Texas Hold-em

It is the most common form of poker that everyone knows about. This is the game that involves the attribute of bluffing—having the power to see through your opponent’s lies and call their bluff. This is the key part of online multiplayer games. Better yet, is that its fairness can be used online by giving equal chances to players.

Three-card Poker

A much simpler method of poker that uses only three cards instead of the usual five. However, this doesn’t make it any easier. The difficulty remains the same, just with fewer cards to worry about now and fewer combinations to try and attain. When it comes to bets, players can make what’s called an Ante bet or Pair Plus bet—allowing you to make higher stakes with the simpler rules. These can be used online easily by selecting the options from the online casino.

The game can be incredibly rewarding and quicker to access as well—an ideal game for those who want a quick match setup.

Joker’s Wild

It is a popular choice for online gamers especially. The aim of this type of poker is that you can use the Joker as well in a combination. This acts as a Wild card, which can substitute all other cards in the game.

Meaning it can be paired with two other 4 cards to form a three of a kind, as an example. The setup is the same as the others, but you now have the best chances to win thanks to the Joker. It is the smartest way to win money moderately and steadily increase your skills at poker games.

Stud Poker

Stud Poker is the same as traditional poker, only with a new twist. It involves making combinations out of your opponent’s hand instead. This means that players will be utilizing seven cards in Seven Card Stud Poker for the most part, as this is the most common variant of this game.

If you want to play against others without relying on skill and more on the bluffing side, this is the card game for you. Online variations will have you use communication methods to gain the most authentic experience possible.

Draw Poker

Draw Poker is a more frantic and thrilling style of game. Instead of drawing cards multiple times to see if they can win the best outcome, they can only draw once, which means that they have to make their one shot count—using a combined effort of luck and critical thinking to gain the upper hand.

It is one of the most anticipated additions to online gambling games as it means players can really risk it all to make it big—a perfect game for those who want to really challenge themselves against other players.

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Since the recent advancements in gaming, the casino industry has been growing rapidly. In fact, because of how popular and lucrative the online gambling industry is, hundreds of new online casinos pop up every day.

Many of these casinos offer amazing welcome bonuses such as freebies, higher chances of hitting your winnings, cashback offers and much more. These online casinos also advertise lucrative amounts of money that can potentially be won. Such as jackpots up to $7,777,777.

However, there are some online casinos that are dubious in nature. If you are new to the online casino world, you might not know which one to choose, which ones are legit and offer real benefits. So to avoid picking a money sink cleverly disguised as a casino, you should read through reviews to find a highly rated casino like this one, as well as following the tips in this article.

Bad slot games

Many people do not actually understand how a slot game really works. They assume it is a simple process of putting your money in, pulling the lever and waiting for luck to be on their side. But, it is actually more complex than that.

Slot machine win rates are calculated through two features. RTP and RNG, which are ‘return to player’ rates and ‘random number generation’ respectively. RTP is the percent chance of a player’s winnings returning to them, or if they get a bigger return. It is heavily affected by a random number generator, which is a mix of both complex mathematical equations and luck.

If a casino has slot games with an extremely low RTP, that means that when you do win, you would not be getting much, so you will essentially just be giving money away. These kinds of slot machines are notoriously termed “the One Armed Bandit” in the industry.

Impossible wagering requirements

No matter how lucrative a welcome bonus may seem, or how much money an online casino is advertising to be given away, you must always be on your toes. Keep the wagering requirements in mind. If they are impossible to reach, then there really is no point in playing.

On the flip side, wagering requirements that are too good to be true are also equally dangerous as there is always a hidden catch. These wagering requirements are put there to attract you to spend your money.

Thus, wagering requirements that are either too high, or too low are usually scams designed to sink your money with no intent of return, making it a highly unfair system. In any cases, you must avoid casinos that have these kinds of impossible requirements, or those that are too good to be true for their welcome bonuses.

Choosing a casino with no verifiable history

The one thing that you should definitely always do when choosing an online casino is to check and see if it has a license. Even more importantly, always read reviews about the online casino before you decide to top up cash.

If there are no licenses, negative reviews or a lack of any reviews, you should steer clear of these online casinos as verifiable history is crucial in not only keeping your money safe, but guaranteeing yourself a good chance of winnings.

More often than not, online casinos such as these are scams, you would have no way of knowing how trustworthy they are, what their services offer, or if they will pay.

A casino that only focuses on games of chance

An online casino that only focuses on games of pure chance should definitely be avoided. Usually systems such as these are rigged, and do not offer you a real way to win money. Instead, these games are designed to make you lose out on more money the longer you play.

Certain games such as a live roulette might be okay, but more often than not, anything digital based with an RNG system will usually be in the favor of the house.

Instead, games of skill such as Texas Hold Em Poker and Blackjack are better for making money because your skills heavily affect the outcome. The better you are at playing, the higher your percent chance of winning big. So, if you stumble upon a casino that does not include games of skills, you should avoid these places at all cost.

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How to deposit and withdraw from casino

Whether you’re playing online casino games for fun or real money, getting huge wins and withdrawing the winnings is always exciting. However, for a player to get a chance for winning, they have to play real money games. To do so, they need to fund their accounts by depositing cash into them. When making your first deposit, players can enjoy offers like deposit five and play with 10.

In physical casinos, players need to enter the casino and exchange cash for chips and chips for money. Their only security is learning when to walk away from the booth. It is different from an online casino like where making deposits and withdrawals require several procedures.


It might be surprising to new players but funding an online casino account via deposits is not a complicated process. Deposits are mostly processed instantly. It is vital to consider the currency the casino accepts during registration. It prevents the player from incurring any additional fees from converting their currency. It is also essential to go through the banking methods an online casino accepts.

Most reputable gaming websites provide a wide variety of banking methods that gamers can fund their accounts with. The methods mostly vary from one site to another. The casinos offer many options to give their members a chance to pick a technique they trust and one that is accessible in their country.


Withdrawing money from an online casino is also a simple process. The only problem is most casinos don’t process withdrawals instantly. After requesting a withdrawal, some primary verification might be needed for the site to complete the process. Verification ensures that the withdrawn cash doesn’t go to the wrong hands and is a great way to prevent money laundering, identity theft and other malicious activities.

Some of the documents that the casino might ask include a clear photo or a copy of scanned documents to verify the address, identity, and banking information. They are a bank account statement, ID card/passport/driver’s license or a utility bill. The casino might request a player to send the document via fax or email.

What are the payment options available for deposits and withdrawals?

In most cases, the payment options used for deposits are similar to the ones used for withdrawals. Gaming sites pick their payment methods from a list of strategies that players find convenient. Some sites encourage using specific payment methods by offering generous bonuses to players who use these methods. Some of the standard payment methods in online casinos include Debit and credit cards, prepaid cards/virtual debit cards, e-wallets like PayPal, Bank transfer, and more.

Apart from these mentioned methods, there are online casinos that accept mobile payments and cryptocurrencies. It is essential to read the T&Cs of every payment method because they vary from one option to another. Some take longer to process withdrawals than others. For instance, payments are faster when a player uses e-wallets compared to bank transfer. Ensure that the method you choose is convenient for you.

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You can register at Cookie Casino for many good reasons, starting with great welcome bonuses and free spins. Effective player, tournaments, and desert VIP treatments can also be reloaded. There are also lovely slots and games. Cookie Casino never cookies up to €40,000 per month with a wide range of options for payment. The new player welcome kit is available to support live chat and e-mail.

Cookie Casino Incentives and Rabbitts

The generous welcome package is time for a fun treat, Cookie Casino. You can earn discounts and play many slots, table play, and video poker when you make the first two deposits. Even our experts love our cookie casino’s minimum and maximum deposit caps so that you can’t buy more.

Both casino rewards include a free spin to play slots allocated. Wagering expectations are very fair for the entire welcome packet, and so, while still available, we recommend that you use this contract. Daily free spins are also open to current players, as are regular reload promotions. That too, you can do.

You can upgrade to marshmallow, jelly, and cupcake levels inside VIP programs at 30 different levels of delicious benefit. Our review team at Cookie Casino finds that individual prizes and awards constitute fundamental reasons to play regularly at this top spot. A decent choice of tournaments is another reason to plunge your teeth into the Cookie Casino. You can select from the casino game and slot races and get lots of tickets charged by my deposit. These tournaments are another strong reason for signing up for leading boards and many awards at Cookie Casino.

Certain games and applications

Cookies Casino’s games segment is as sweet as the chips on a mountain. More than 35 various software providers are available, including playing top slots from Quickspin, Play N Go, and ELK Studios. You can spin major jackpot slots like Operation: Kalamba Diamond Hunt games, iSoftBet Rambo and Power Force: Drive Villains. Our review of Cookie Casino has also launched an impressive live casino with Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Games. Classic Blackjack and Speed Roulette are both popular games. A wide variety of games can be tried, including Monopoly Live, Deal or No Deal, and Blinker dice.

Different random numbers, blackjack, and roulette games, including Texas’ Hold’em Bonus Poker, Turbo, and five drawn card games. Video poker games such as Joker Wild are another fun pastime. In this wide range of games, our Cookie Casino reviewers claim they have a bag of cookies.

Banking and money sending

Cookie Casino offers you a great range of credit cards, e-cards, and other standard payment service providers, including Skrill, to finance your account. Since not all people can work in your country, our service providers suggest the best choices for you by the Cookie Casino Research Team.

There is already an excellent pension system. You will cash out up to €40,000 a month when you search your account. Cookie Casino also fulfills all payment and personal data handling criteria through SSL embedding and other security measures set out in its CURACAO License Gaming Laws. The online Casino is stable.

Casiopoli Casino Cadabrus Casino Review Cadabrus Casino Review
4.9 Rating 4.8 Rating 4.7 Rating
Good In Europe Good in Central Asia Perfect for Middle East

The real question is to measure the impact of a single incident by jeopardizing your funds or other significant products. If you guess the result, you earn all the cash, but you lose the money if it’s different. Several games are available in casinos. Other tournaments you can predict and win include football, horse racing, tennis, and golf.

Technology advancements have allowed the internet to dominate the gambling industry with devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets available. You can also take part in sports betting or play various casino games using your web computers. It would help if you tried your shot on different sites for betting and playing. Some of them give you a premium when you register first or when other deals are eligible.

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Many people thought that casino games might go out of style once video games were introduced. It seemed that video games developed quickly and evolved into something special, while the whole casino industry stayed the same for a long time.

However, in the last decade, the casino industry has turned the whole situation around. It started with online casinos that developed new technologies, which achieved excellent results, and the whole industry followed.

That’s why online gaming sites, such as Gossip Slots, as well as many “brick and mortar” casinos, are growing in popularity once again, with more players joining in each year. So let’s see which technologies these modern casinos have to offer.

Mobile Concierge Apps

Any kind of business can benefit from having an app. Still, there are some types of organizations that can benefit more than others. When it comes to concierge apps, they were first really popular for hotels and similar establishments.

Since casinos are often related to the hospitality industry, because they are built within a hotel and it makes sense to use these apps. Exclusive casinos let their guest use the app on their smartphone to ask for various services, get reception, order something, or get some form of assistance.

People today are used to doing many things on their phones, so it’s an excellent way to help the casino staff better serve all their guests much faster.

Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual Reality has already entered many casinos. With a VR headset, players can gamble at home while feeling like they are in a real casino. They can see the table, cards, slots, other players, and dealers in the digital world.

This VR technology enables an immersive experience. With graphics and animation improving each year, players can expect a realistic gambling experience from home. On the other hand, there’s already a plan to implement augmented reality into casinos.

AR lets players use and place objects from the real world into the digital environment. It allows them to interact with objects in the game, like moving cards with their hands.

Smart Camera Security and Facial Recognition

Casinos don’t use technology to provide a better experience to players but also to protect them. Security is important in any industry and especially in the casino industry. There are a lot of people trying to scam casinos and steal their profits.

Casinos must protect their bottom line to succeed. Facial recognition is one of the latest additions to their security systems. These scanners can recognize people who have been banned from the premises and identify people who aren’t desired on the floor.

Using smart cameras, casinos also keep track of cars and their licenses when they park. That’s how they can track stolen cars and give relevant information to authorities in case of theft.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Blockchain has entered the casinos to improve transactions and security. First of all, blockchain helps players because it guarantees that the gambling platform is safe and transparent. At the same time, it guarantees that they will get paid out in full amount without any issues.

There’s no way for someone to interrupt their transaction and take their money. Blockchain is known for its safety, and cybercriminals cannot manipulate transactions in any way. At the same time, players can now withdraw and deposit cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

These options have made casinos more appealing to people who trade crypto. It also shows that casinos are willing to put in the effort for their players and offer utmost convenience.

Chip Security

One of the biggest targets of fraud and theft in casinos were chips. People stole chips, brought in fake ones, and copied them as well. At the same time, players could also fall victim to pickpockets for their chips as well.

Casinos today use Radio Frequency Identification technology, also called RFID. With this tech, they can automatically track all of the chips in the casino by their unique labels, making it difficult to steal, use fake chips, or copy them in any way.

Even if the chips are stolen, the casino can track the chips that were stolen and simply deactivate them. The chips would then be worth nothing.

Cashless Payments

Many casinos have introduced different kinds of solutions for cashless playing. First of all, there are some games that can be played completely for free, both online and offline, such as free slot tournaments. On the other hand, some casinos let players open up their own cashless payment accounts.

They can deposit money onto the account before going to the casino and simply use that money to play. On the other hand, some casinos give out cards with credits that players can use and pay for after they’ve had their fun.

We also mentioned blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Some casinos let people play for these digital currencies and guarantee utmost security with their blockchain networks.

Wearable Device Support

Wearable devices, similar to smart watches, have gotten really big in the past couple of years. It makes sense that the casinos are looking to offer support for these devices as so many people now use them. Unfortunately, there still isn’t much information on how these devices will be supported and what their apps will do.

However, we guess that these apps will be similar to concierge apps that are commonly used on smartphones. They will have the same functions, just on wearable watches.


The fact that casinos have decided to adopt new technologies is probably what has kept them alive. Gambling games have been falling behind for years with nothing new to offer. The casinos using innovation to make their players more comfortable but also to improve gaming and the ones that will thrive.

An Internet search for “casinos near me” can bring up a list of casinos that are located within a two-hour drive of any major US city and many of them will be using the technologies mentioned in this article.

All of this has a great impact on the industry overall. It should be great to see what the future of gambling technology holds for both the industry and the public.

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It’s no secret that stars love to spend money on their extravagant desires, and some Hollywood celebrities are addicted to gambling as well. Popular movie stars like Ben Affleck, Charlie Sheen, Pamela Anderson, Matt Damon, 50 Cent, Tobby Maguire and Ray Ramano are celebrities who like to gamble in their free time.
Some of the celebrities are known to have gained professional expertise in gambling and have even considered it as their second career. But most of them are amateurs who consider gambling as a hobby and lose a lot of money because of their addiction to it.

Charlie Sheen

Popular for his lead role in the Comedy TV series “Two and a Half Men”, Charlie Sheenwas extensively addicted to gambling from his youth.Known for his incredible comic timing and sense of humour, the actor is also a sports fanatic who likes to bet on the outcome of various sports events. The star who earned around 1.8 million dollars per episode has enough money to spend lavishly on Casinos and massive all-night drug binges. His ex-wife Denise Richards who filed for a divorce in 2006, stated that Charlie was spending around 20, 000 dollars every week on sports betting. According to her, most of his gambling losses came from sports betting.

Ben Affleck

Academy Award-winning Actor, Director and Screenwriter, Ben Affleck went to rehab in 2001 for his addiction towards alcohol and gambling. The actor likes to play online blackjack games and poker, and he has even won the California State Poker Championship during the year 2014. The actor received the Academy Award for best original Screenplay in the 1997 movie “Good Will Hunting.” He also became extremely good at winning hands in Blackjack because of which he was banned from the blackjack tables at a Las Vegas Casino in 2014.

Ray Romano

Emmy Award-winning actor Ray Romano, who starred in the comedy Television series “Men of a Certain Age” as the middle-aged gambling addict Joe Tranelli revealed that the character he played was based on his real-life experience. Ray Romano’s gambling addiction was growing beyond control, and he sought help from Gambler’s Anonymous. The actor finally managed to get his gambling addiction under control, and he portrayed his life experiences in the character Joe Tranelli. He still continues to gamble and makes sports bets. He also participates in the World Series of Poker every year and hopes to win the championship sometime.

Tobby Maguire

An expert Poker Player, the Spiderman star was one of the celebs who got sued in 2011 for taking part in a multi-million dollar illegal gambling ring. The actor acquired his Poker skills from the Canadian professional Poker player, Daniel Negreanu who has won 6 World Series of Poker events. Tobby is apparently very good at Texas Hold’em Poker and is said to have won more than $10 million by playing various Poker tournaments. Tobby was very much addicted to gambling and alcohol right from his teenage and joined the AA rehab centre when he was just 19 years old.

Matt Damon

Popular for his lead role as Jason Bourne, the Martian star is also addicted to gambling and can be spotted frequentlyin Casinos along with his childhood buddy Ben Affleck. Matt Damon was also involved in an illegal gambling ring along with Tobby Maguire which took place in 5-star hotels. He likes to play Texas Hold’em Poker along with his friend Ben Affleck at certain Luxury hotels in Vegas where they get invited often.

50 Cent

Famous rapper 50 Cent is popular for his outrageous sports betting. He once placed a bet of $2 million on Floyd Mayweather Jr during the boxing championship between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao of Philippines. He also made a ridiculous bet of $500,000 on a championship between San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants. He also won on that bet when the New York Giants beat the San Francisco 49 ears to reach the Super Bowl.

Pamela Anderson

Not only male actors but also a lot of female celebs have shown their interest in gambling. The former glamour model and Baywatch star, Pamela Anderson is also known for her addiction towards poker and Casino Slots. It is reported that the actor got married to Rick Salomon to settle of her $250,000 poker debt at a Casino in Vegas.
Even sports champions like Tiger Woods, Michael Phelps and Michael Jordan have also been addicted to gambling. Many of the celebrities like to spend their money on sports betting and Casino games like poker or Blackjack. These stars have all the money and time to spend on anything like Private Jets, Luxury Cars, Spacious villas etc. and losing few dollars on gambling is not a big deal for them. While some of the celebrities try desperately to keep their gambling addiction a secret, many of them are seen gambling publicly in Casinos and Celebrity Poker tournaments.
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No matter if you start betting on sports for fun or with strict intentions of making money, the question “how can I make more” will pop in your head sooner or later. Can you actually increase the odds, figuratively, in your favor?

Yes. Is it easy to do? Not really.

There are several steps you can follow and apply in order to make more cash, get better at betting and enjoy it more.

The first step is to get started. Register to an online sports betting website. Vulkan bookmaker only requires basic information and the whole process takes less than a minute. It is linked because choosing a safe website is very important to your success, as getting scammed and having money stuck online is the worst type of loss you can have.

Educate Yourself

Reading sports magazines and up to date articles may help a lot. Big transfers happen throughout the transfer period and not knowing that one team got noticeable weaker or stronger might cost you money.
It is surprising how many betting options exist out there. Win, draw or lose at the end are not the only three outcomes or elements you can bet on. Double chances, goals, yellow or red cards, corners, free kicks, exact results and many more are sometimes much more interesting and profitable most of the time.
All teams and players have strong social media presence so following them and reading their tweets and posts can make a huge difference. Also talk to other bettors and fans on forums or social media, as there is always something new to learn. A piece of advice from an older and more experienced bettor is priceless.

Use a Strategy

Strategies are mathematically calculated procedures one takes in order to increase chances of winning. They were proven to work and even though experimenting is fun, it may cost you a lot of cash.

Some of the most popular betting strategies are:

The Martingale system – Probably the most simple one, but very efficient. It instructs to double the stake after each loss. It is extremely to apply to casino games, but can be done with sports betting as well. Casino games have odds, just like bookmakers. Make sure that each double down makes you profitable in case you win.

Matched Betting – Is more of a technique than a strategy, as it completely changes the way you bet. Bettors describe it as a legal way of “abusing” the odds. If one bookie has a 2.10 odd on 0-2 goals while the other one offers 2.05 for 3+ goals, betting equal amounts of cash on both in those two bookies guarantees a win. That is a very simple example, but the whole technique is quite complex and takes time to study. So its always good to know how to be a bookie.

Applying a strategy turns fun betting into some sort of business but if you want to improve the wins to losses ratio, it is necessary. Once you keep grinding and being cash flow positive, the whole process becomes even more fun.
Keep in mind that strategies require higher budgets in order to execute and even though the risk goes down, it is never a 100% guarantee that you are going to win. Also note that bookies are fighting against those who abuse the system, especially by using matched betting and, if not careful enough, it might result in a banned account and you do not want that to happen with cash inside their system.

Invest Money Wisely

Even though they say that it is the best if you forget about the invested money, as it might never come back, do not look at it as an expense but rather as an investment that might get no return. The golden rule is to set the amount that you feel comfortable with losing. That way, even if everything goes wrong, you are not going bankrupt nor it is affecting your lifestyle.

If your budget is $1,000 invest 1 or 2% at the time, and increase the percentage a little bit if you are on a lower budget. That way you are able to make 20 to 100 well sized bets even if all of them go wrong, and they most likely won’t. It is also reducing the stress and anxiety if the match is not going the way you expected.
Even if you find an odd that sounds too good to be true, resist the temptation and do not try to double the entire bankroll by going all in. The goal here is to build it up slowly by betting low percentages and applying strategies. It is much better to stay at neutral balance for longer periods of time rather than going very negative quickly.

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